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1981-01-18 Backing tracks of 'Hovas Vittne', 'Salute to Stig' ,'Tivedshambo' (instrumental).
1981-01-19 Backing tracks for Finn Kalvik 2nd album. Backing vocals by Agnetha and Frida.
1981-01-20 Work on 'Hovas Vittne' and 'Tivedshambo'.

1981-01-25 Stig turns 50 with a huge party at his house in Djugarden and also the release of the single 'Hovas Vittne' - 'Tivedshambo' today.

Surprise party at Stig's house on the morning of the 25th, 1981

ABBA at Stig's 50th birthday Hovas Vittne cover
1981-01-29 Björn and Benny go to New York visiting several musicals on Broadway.

1981-02-02 Benny and Björn on 'Tonight's Show' on NBC. They also meet people from the Atlantic label and Dick Cavett.
1981-02-03. Official Press Release from Polar Music AB about promotional activities for the Super Trouper LP
1981-02-10 Start songwriting sessions of what became later 'Slipping Through My Fingers', 'When All Is Said And Done' and 'Two For The Price Of One'.
1981-02-12 Benny and Frida are divorcing.

1981-03-16 Backing tracks of 'When All Is Said And Done', 'Slipping Through My Fingers', 'Nationalsang', a working title of 'Anthem' 'Two For The Price Of One', and 'VM', a working title of 'Fanfare'.
1981-03-19 Last day of recording tracks of previous days.

1981-04-03 Recording violin overdubs for 'When All Is Said And Done'.
1981-04-08 Percussion and horn overdubs for 'Two For The Price Of One'.
1981-04-09 Mixing 'When All Is Said And Done'.
1981-04-10 Mixing 'Slipping Through My Fingers'.
1981-04-11 Mixing 'Two For The Price Of One'.
1981-04-12 Mixing 'When All Is Said And Done'.
1981-04-25 Concert rehearsals of 'Dick Cavett Meets ABBA' in the Europa Film Studio.
1981-04-26 Concert rehearsals of 'Dick Cavett Meets ABBA' in Europa film studio & taping of songs.
1981-04-27 Press Release from Polar Music AB Rehearsals and filming of interview part with 'Dick Cavett' including 'Don't Fence Me In'.

1981-04-28 Recording backing tracks for 'Dick Cavett Meets ABBA'.

1981-04-29 Recording backing tracks for 'Dick Cavett Meets ABBA'.
1982-04/05  Arround this time,  TV ads for the LP's 'A Wie ABBA' and 'A van ABBA' are filmed.

1982-05-05 Mixing the live tracks of 'Dick Cavett Meets ABBA' show.
1982-05-18 Recording demos for new album.
1982-05-21 Last day of recording demos for new album.
1981-05-25 Backing tracks of 'I Am A Musician', a working title of 'I Am A Seeker', a working title of 'I Am The Seeker' and 'Givin' A Little Bit More'.
1981-05-26 Backing track of 'Another Morning Without You', a working title of 'An Angel Walked Through My Room', a working title of 'An Angel's Passing Through My Room', a working title of 'Like An Angel Passing Through My Room' (version 1).
1981-05late Interview for Expressen: the 'Opus 10' album is mentioned for the first time:

Opus 10

This article was published in the Swedish paper EXPRESSEN on the 8th of June 1981. This is the first time the album ‘Opus 10’ was mentioned.


ABBA is unique. In nearly 11 years have Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Annifrid been working together. During that time they have married, divorced and had some children- not all of them together, but as couples - done a world success and become the owner of bicycle factories, art collections, Stockholm’s badhus and a couple of other real estate companies. Everything has happen, everything has changed only one thing remains - their songs. It’s the number of years that makes this group unique.

Other pop groups split up after a while, with the exception of Rolling Stones, but not ABBA. Now they are in the Studio again, this young people on their way to the middle age(that’s 34 years now) and work on the new album. It will be the 10th since the start 1973. The Studio is placed in the old cinema Riverside at Klara Sjö in the old Sport Palace. It’s ingeniously planned. The entrance is full of gold records from all over the world. Even some art are on the walls. On the second floor, on the balcony, there seems to be a recording session going on. But in this studio with blue and yellow walls the members of ABBA is sitting in a chaos of microphones, flexes, grand pianos, organs and acoustic guitars and making a new album. Benny has red trousers, Angetha’s a flowered dress. Five songs are finished and recorded but we are not allowed to hear any, since everything should explode at the same time. Profile on the record. To early to say.


We are allowed to take the pictures, but everything is in a hurry. The boys are to continue with the mixing, the girls are on their way to a möhippa (girl’s party given for a bride-to-be shortly before her wedding). Outside a pop magazine from Switzerland is waiting with golden hammers and golden Christmas men and other strange pop mag stuff. The members of ABBA do what they should but you could easily see that they don’t like it, especially Benny and Frida. Publicity can be hard. Nine albums so far, the tenth on its way. This is the cart of themselves:
1) Super Trouper
2) Greatest Hits I
3) Arrival
4) Greatest Hits II
The last record has been the most successful so far. Could it be five millions. Görel at Polar can’t confirm since no one knows, the record is still selling. Will ‘Opus 10’ beat them all? Björn Ulveaus says: - Hard to tell. Of course we want to make a record as good as the last one. If not better.


Ulveaus is happy for the ‘Super Trouper’ and that some critics has discovered the lyrics. - We wanted to prove that we could make good lyrics (even if it’s difficult to understand why a pop song should be profound) Very difficult to understand for this reporter. How would ‘Anna du kan väl stanna’ (Anna can’t you stay with me) have sounded with a meaningful lyric. We asked Ulveaus to describe the songs they are recording this day. After some hesitation he says: - An angel is passing through my room. Type? - Ballad. Where did you write it. Home, in the studio. on the famous island in the Stockholm archipelago? - I believe it’s made here in the studio. We started to write songs in March and have made half of an album so far. We have had some breaks and now it’s summertime so the rest has to wait for the August - September. We have many songs unwritten. It’s nice not to be in a hurry. We don’t have to release the album any special season or holiday. - But we are working hard. Inspiration? Yes, if we work hard first.
Inspiration comes out of hard work, not the other way around. When is it best, when half of the work is done? - When we have made the hook line, the hook that will make the public sing along. The melody and the words that will make everything fly.


‘ABBA splits’ was the say on the newspaper placard on our way to the Studio. ABBA will split up some day, anything else would be against nature and all art crafts laws, but at the moment there will be no split up, not this summer or autumn, ABBA is now working in the Studio with a record in the old Sport Palace in Stockholm. Their private lives may be as they are, but here in the Studio the magic comes alive when Benny starts to play a song from the album before the last one and everyone starts to sing along. When we are leaving we can see Björn and Benny in the mixing room. Benny is hanging over the panel and Bjorn is lying in a chair. Both are looking as if they weren’t there, both are listening. An angel is passing through the room.

Translated by Håkan Borg - Sweden

1981-06-03 Drum overdub for 'An Angel's Passing Through My Room', a working title of 'Like An Angel Passing Through My Room (version1).
1981-06-05 Recording 5 different versions of 'Like An Angel Passing Through My Room' (version 1). In 2012 "From A Twinkling Star To A Passing Angel" was released, a collection of demo snippets:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWsXwFOFv9k
1981-06-20 ABBA on holiday in Sweden from today until the beginning of August.

1981-08-01 New song-writing sessions this month by Björn & Benny.
1981-08-09 ABBA are interviewed on American television live by satellite from the Polar Music Studios.
1981-08-18  Frida films 'Words of Love' for "Lite Gran I Orat"

1981-08-29 Filming promotion clip'When All Is Said And Done' at the Filmbolaget studios in Solna and outdoor scenes on and island of the Stockholm archipelago.
Also on this day, ABBA film an early 'Happy New Year' TV message in German.

1981-09-01 Backing tracks of unknown track(s).
1981-09-02 Backing track of 'Head Over Heels'.
1981-09-03 Backing track of 'I Let The Music Speak'.
1981-09-04 Backing track of 'Underbar', a working title of 'Should I Laugh Or Cry'.

1981-09-08 Recording overdubs.
1981-09-09 Recording overdubs.
1981-09-12 ABBA in Bournemouth, England for the CBS sales conference. Among the several people ABBA met was Jaap Eggermont, the maker of the popular 'Stars On 45' singles.

B & B with maker of the 'Stars on 45' ABBA medley

1981-09-13 New songwriting sessions by Björn & Benny start today.
1981-09 'ABBA - The Movie' premieres in Moscow. 'I've Been Waiting For You' and the 'ABBA's kinky velvet bed' scene at the hotelroom is cut from the film. ABBA - The Movie screens in Sovjet cinemas until February 1982.

ABBA - 'The Movie' premieres in Moscou U.S.S.R.

1981-10/11 Recording 'Opus 10' and 'Anthem' (Instrumental song)
1981-10-01 Mixing 'I Let The Music Speak'.
1981-10-02 Mixing 'Should I Laugh Or Cry' and 'Head Over Heels'.
1981-10-15 Backing track of '15:e Oktober-Laten, a working title of 'Peasants', a working title of 'Soldiers'.
1981-10-21 Backing track of 'Nummer 1', a working title of 'Mi Amore', a working title of 'One Of Us'.
1981-10-22 Backing track of 'Den Första', a working title of 'The Visitors (Cracking Up)'.
1981-10-23 Backing track 'Twinkle, Twinkle', a working title of 'Like An Angel Passing Through My Room', No. 2.
1981-10-29 Tape copying 'When All Is Said And Done' to 32 track tape for more overdubs.

1981-11-02 Mixing 'I Let The Music Speak' and 'When All Is Said And Done'. ABBA are handed silver Bravo-Otto 80 awards by this Germany magazine. Frida shows up with her punky hairdo and Björn and Benny have a beard. Frida and Agnetha appear on British daytime programme 'Razzmatazz' (ITV). They talk about how they spend Christmas in Sweden.

1981-11-03 Mixing 'One Of Us'.
1981-11-04 Mixing 'The Visitors'.
1981-11-07 Mixing 'Soldiers'.
1981-11-08 Recording 'Like An Angel Passing Through My Room' No. 3, a working title of 'Like An Angel Passing Through My Room.
1981-11-10 Mixing 'Like An Angel Passing Through My Room'.
1981-11-11 Mixing 'Like An Angel Passing Through My Room'. The girls receive an award for 'Super Trouper' being best produced and recorded Swedish album. The boys are too busy working on The Visitors.

1981-11-12 Mixing 'Head Over Heels' and 'One of Us'.
1981-11-13 Mixing 'One Of Us', 'Like An Angel Passing through My Room', 'When all is said an done' and 'Two For The Price Of One'.
1981-11-14 Mixing 'Soldiers'.
1981-11     Fotoshoot LP cover 'The Visitors' and single cover of 'One Of Us' in a museum in Stockholm. Alternative version before Benny arrived at the set Alternative pose before Benny arrived at the set
1981-11-23 Fiming promotion clip of 'One Of Us' at Lasse Hallström's flat.

1981-11-24 Spanish vocals for 'No Hay A Quien Culpar' and 'Se Me Esta Escapando'.
1981-11-25 ABBA give a press conference in Stockholm to annouce the release of 'The Visitors'.
1981-11late. Mies Bouwman (Dutch female tv-host) has interview with Frida and Agnetha in Stockholm about 'The Visitors' and the near future.

Agnetha and Frida on Dutch tvThe girls interviewed for Dutch television

1981-11-27 Filming videos of 'No Hay A Quien Culpar' and 'Se Me Esta Escapando', including scenes for the One Of Us video with the foursome together.

1981-11-30 Release LP 'The Visitors' in Sweden.

1981-12 ABBA receive the Ampex Golden Reel award for the 'Super Trouper' album at the Polar Music Studios.

1981-12 For the promotion of the 'Visitors' album in Latin-America, an Argentinian fllmcrew comes over to Stockholm to do a special on ABBA 'La Casa Indiscreta': Low quality video Part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4.

ABBA on 'La Casa Indiscreta'

1981-12-07 Release single 'One Of Us', 'Should I Laugh Or Cry'.
1981-12-08. Official press release from Polar Music AB about the promotion of 'The Visitors' LP

ABBA have now left their studios in Stockholm and are happy to present their tenth album (if you include "Greatest Hits Vol. 1 + 2") called "The Visitors" with nine new tracks on it. This LP has been recorded and mixed digitally in Polar Music Studios, and is already released in many countries. The release date for most countries in Europe was November 30th, in the US and Canada December 7th and in Australia and in Japan it will also be released before Christmas. The single -
which is being released simultaneously with the LP - is "One Of Us" c/w "Should I Laugh Or Cry" in all territories except for the US and Canada, where the single reelase will be "When All Is Said And Done" c/w "Should I Laugh Or Cry". The b-side is not included in the LP.

Two of the songs from the LP - "When All Is Said and Done" and "Slipping Through My Fingers" have already been recorded in Spanish and will be included in the LP when released in all Spanish speaking territories. The Spanish lyrics ("No Hay A Quien Culpar" and "Se Me Esta Escapando") are as usual written by Buddy Mary McCluskey. The LP is scheduled for release in Mexico, Latin- and South America before Christmas.

There are three promo films available from this LP on 2 video: "When All Is Said And Done", "One Of Us" and "No Hay A Quien Culpar" / Spanish version of "When All Is Said And Done". These are available at copying cost (Skr 1000:- plus freight) from our office.

The reaction for this new LP has been fantastic. Here are some of the headlines: "New ABBA LP - The Best So Far" / "ABBA's new - A Genuine Pop-LP" / "The Visitors - A Real Adventure" / "A Sure Hit-LP" / "The Visitors - A Very Strong LP" /"A New And More Personal Profile" / "ABBA's LP - The Hit Of The Year" etc etc.
The advance orders and the sales so far show the same reaction. Advance orders in Scandinavia 300.000 units, in England 700.000 units, in Holland 110.000 units, in Germany 600.000 units, in France 250.000 units, in the US 500.000 units and so on. The LP has entereed the Dutch charts at No. 6, and the single "One Of Us" at No. 18. And there will be more "results" like these!!

ABBA have done some press and TV after the release of the LP. They had a very successful meeting with the Foreign Press Association in Stockholm, where they met with journalists from all over the world - Russia, Korea, Italy, the US, Egypt, Spain, England etc etc. They have also done some TV interviews for England and Holland and will do the same for Argentina - just to mention a few things. Apart from this, they are getting ready for the Christmas Holiday., which they will spend with their families and children.

Björn and Benny have not abandon the idea of writing a musical, and maybe there will be time to start working on this project next year. Frida will record a solo-LP in English. This will be produced by Phil Collins and the recording will take place in Polar Music Studios in Stockholm in March 82. The Christmas LP with Agnetha and her daughter Linda (in Swedish) is a great success and is now climbing the charts in Sweden. However, these different activities will not effect ABBA as a group. They will stay together and continue their successful work.

We take this opportunity to thank all our friends for a very successful year, and we hope the co-operation will be just as good also in 1982. And we wish you of course


Stockholm December 8th 1981/Görel Hanser

PS: Re: Piracy We understand that somebody called Gary Salter is pressing ABBA records in the Philippines on the WEA label and is exporting these records, marked "Made In Canada", all over the world. (Our licensee in Canada is WEA). We are of course watching this carefully, and we understand from WEA there is a warrant out for the arrest of Gary Salter for counterfeiting records in Canada. We would very much appreciate you keeping an eye on this situation, also since there are several other record labels and artists involved in this export.

1981-12-11 Release LP 'The Visitors'
1981-12-15 First meeting with Tim Rice and other people from the musical business in a restaurant somewhere in Stockholm.
1981-12 Björn has short phonecall with Dutch DJ Jan Rietman about the divorces.
1981-12 Björn being interview by Dutch tv programme "ABBA, daar vraag je me wat" about John Lennon's death, the Super Trouper album and a possible China tour.